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L570 - another Touchpad Bug - marking text starts about a second later than desired



as this may looks annoying to other while i kepp reporting touchpad bugs but its the same way annoying to me discovering so many bugs on a single touchpad. QS becomes a foreign word.


I got a fresh L570 with Win7 Pro.

Current driver is: ThinkPad Ultra Nav from Alps Electronics from 10.04.2017 Version: 8.217.1616.117


When does it happen?

  • Typing something on keyboard
  • wait any time from none to ever, doesnt matter
  • get left finger onto left bottom (virtual) mouse button and hold there (so no tap)
  • use right finger for moving on touchpad to any position and keep it lowered
  • click and hold with left finger on left bottom (virtual) mouse button to start making
  • move right finger to do the marking


What does happen?

  • The marked text is not started marking at the originally cursor position but either on the same position but about a line above/ down (dependently of move direction) or in case of vertical marking it starts some characters after or before the originally cursor position.
  • To be more precisely the cursor-start-position for the marking real taking place is delayed to about one second.
  • Even when doing the marking (not knowing it does wrong) the marking starts where the mouse cursor will be after one second after originally  beginning the marking.


When does it not happen?

  • When not doing typing on keyboard right before (which unfortunately is a very common case)
  • When lifting the right finger right before doing the click and hold with the left finger to start marking and lowering the right finger just then (my current workaround)
  • When clicking left to start the marking, wait a second for the cursor being placed correctly. Then start moving the mouse.
  • Retry after failing, because in the second try theres no direct keyboard input right before.


Also to say:

There is a configuration in the touchpad settings taling about locking the mousepad when doing keyboard input. This at first is not affecting here because left click and mouse movement are working and not are blocked. Also one can wait before doing the marking als long as her wishes, its still having this behaviour. At second I tried to disable touchpad locking with no effect in the given problem.

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