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L580 Power Issue - Shuts itself down / Cannot wake up from sleep

Hi there,


I've been dealing with a "female" L580.... Power management is behaving quite randomly. Sometimes it just turns itself off (with or without charger), or cannot wake it up from sleep, ..... When it fails to start the power button led remains ON but no fan no screen no other leds no nothing. I've tried emptying all condensers by disconnecting internal battery and pushing power button for a few seconds and all that.... Sometimes it's also possible for the machine to stay on for days doing memory, disk, virus and other all sorts of tests trying to figure it out - nothing comes out of it, all clean. Tried replacing internal battery for another new OEM one, and the symptons remain. Just cannot find a pattern or a correlation. There are no errors, temperatures, nothing that can lead to a conclusion on which component may be damaged, if anything is damaged. I have to say I'm little bit disappointed as I've bought Lenovo Prof line to come away from this sort of thing. It's a less than 1 year old high spec machine..... Doesn't make much sense to me.


Any thoughts or experience on this kind of behaviour?






Bruno Belo.

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