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Serial Port
Posts: 38
Registered: ‎01-21-2008
Location: Virginia US
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Latest Intel graphics driver issue(s)

I had recently done a clean image from backup and decided to install the latest Intel Integrated graphics driver for my R61, not from the Lenovo website but the Intel site.  This was apparently a bad idea as I started getting wierdo errors when I would change power sources, ie. AC or Battery.  I thought it was the Power manager so I installed the latest from the Energy Star compliance link in the Lenovo download section, but that did not solve it either.  So I did a clean install and went piece by piece into the setup and almost as soon as I installed the latest(14.33.1 package) from Intel this started happening.  I uninstalled the latest and greatest from Intel, went back to the Lenovo downloads and redownloaded the "suggested" package and all was fine. 
It seems this is one of a couple issues with this version and thought I might post to 1.) ask if anyone else noticed anything and 2.) help inform the general population. Smiley Happy

R61 7732-19U Downgraded to XP and Upgraded to Linux! Smiley Tongue