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Registered: ‎01-26-2013
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Lenovo L512 crashed!

Hey guys. 


Im from Denmark and on this beautiful Saturday I decided to do something about my problem so I called the us number. But they talked back in such a rude tone, we Bly help people in the us, you have to call the international support number. And then he gave me the same number as I just called and hang up n

what a morron! 


Anyhow, can any of you help me with such a number? my think pad Lenovo L512 is crashing and the rescue and recovery is not responding. 


kind regards


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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-26-2013
Location: Denmark
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Re: Lenovo L512 crashed!

So... I figured it out without any help.


It seemed that for some reason my Lenovo_Recovery (Q) drive had been wiped or I was not able to access it for some reason. 

So I googled, "How to restore the Q drive on a Lenovo".


I followed that to the letter, except that I made some tweeks on my own. 

I went inside the disk management and removed the (Q) drive. Luckly I have 2 of the same laptops, so I could just take the Recovery files from the pc that was working and paste them to the other pc. Before I did that I made sure that I made a new Recovery drive and once that was up and I could enter the drive as much as I wanted. I then pasted the recovery files from the old working pc to old not working pc. And then I rebooted, and wolla... It booted from the (Q) drive and I formated the pc by going back to factory settings. 


I tried doing this with cds that I made from the working pc, but for some reason, I wasnt able to. I missed some data discs. I now have them, so I could have done it that way too. 


If you guys ever run into these problems ... Dont bother ringing the US hotline. They'll just give you some random phonenumber and then hang up. Atleast thats what they did to me.


Oh well, I sorted the problem my self. So you can close this thread if you want now admins.

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