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Lenovo L540 Battery Not Genuine

Hi we have purchased several Brand new Lenovo L540 Laptops 

and they have started to report that the battery (this came with the laptop) is not genuine - they will not charge at all.

We get the Black bios screen message that you have to ESC thru to get windows to load.

the Lenovo Power management app then tyells us also the battery is not genuine - with a Black warning triangle


Is there an easy fix or a way to get a replacement battery without jumping thru too many hoops?

We currently have 2 laptops exhibiting this problem but no doubt will have more!


What's DOS?
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Lenovo Battery Issues for the L540


Hi everyone...

I am receiving the following error message on my L540 Laptop:


The system does not support batteries that are not genuine Lenovo-made or authorized. The system will continue to boot, but my not charge unauthorized batteties. Press the ESC to continue.


Thanks in advance for your assistance




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Re: Lenovo L540 Battery Not Genuine




This is an identification / messaging problem with the battery.   Lenovo has already investigated addressed this issue working with our supplier and any that manifest this symptom should be replaced thorugh service within standard warranty terms.


I recommend you contact service if haven't already to have the battery replaced.


Best regards,



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Re: Lenovo Battery Issues for the L540



I found your earlier unaswered question and merged it into this thread because we have a solution which is to have the battery replaced through service.


Best regards,



What's DOS?
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Re: Lenovo L540 Battery Not Genuine

Similar problem with E540.  Box is less than a month old purchased thru Amazon.  Win7 Pro 64 bit.  Original battery works OK.  I purchase a second one for traveling.  Original battery is a 70.  Replacement battery is a 75+ which ought to work according to the Lenovo web site.  Serial number of the original and replacement batteries are identical.


Get the "battery installed is not supported by this system" error on BIOS boot.  Also same error after login.  I have updated BIOS, all Lenovo apps and updated Win7 patches.  Wireless is on and signal strong.


You say that this is a known problem with the batteries rather than the laptop itself.  So my only option is to return the replacment and get another one?  Thanks for your time -

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo L540 Battery Not Genuine

My battery failed stating it was not a recognized battery - not genuine and stopped charging about 3 months after I purchased the computer. Lenovo replaced the battery. Now, the replacement battery is doing the same thing. The computer is no longer under warranty. So, even though this is a known issue, no recall was enacted and it seems that I am stuck with a computer that  cannot work unless plugged in. The battery does not charge and I am encouraged by the pop-up to purchase a new genuine battery. Now what?

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