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Paper Tape
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Lenovo SL510 problem with fan

Hi all Smiley Happy


I´ve received my first Lenovo ThinkPad last week, an SL 510 2847BUG (yes, they really call it like that.... ;-)) with a Dual-core Celeron processor, 250 GB HD, Intel GMA 4500HD.


It seems like a really nice machine but there´s one small problem: the fan.


It´s running 80 % of the time, even when performing light-duty tasks such as web surfing and text editing, and it´s not exactly the quietest of all fans. I wouldn´t want to take my new SL510 into a dead-slent library, for example, and the fan can be rather distracting in other quiet environments, too.


Is this a know problem, ideally with a known fix? How can I get my SL510 to be silent when not doing anything processor-intensive with it?


Temperatures seem to be way below what is considered risky. The machine is almost completely cool to the touch, with a barely luke-warm spot on the underbelly on the left hand side where the fan usually blows out cool (!) air.


Any ideas? I´m thinking of returning this otherwise nice computer due to the fan problem.


Thanks and cheers :-)

Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo SL510 problem with fan

Hello Michael,


I've solved the same issue as you. The solution is easy!

Install TPFan Control on your SL 510 ! You will be able to control fan of your computer directly and in case of need to stop it for more than an hour (in low duty work, of course).


The fan which is on SL 510 pre- installed is really noisy - I agree. In TPF control you have 6 other possibilities of fan regimes and moreover you can stop the fan and have only passive cooling. (with integrated graphic it works very well).


the freeware TP Fan Control you can find here







Paper Tape
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Re: Lenovo SL510 problem with fan

I've had the same problem and tried TPFanControl, and it worked well controlling the fan, BUT the computer started doing weird things as a side effect - hibernating by itself every now and then, increasing the brightness of the screen by itself, turning the screen dark for a few seconds etc.


So I have an option: either a well-functioning computer with a loud fan almost always on, or a misfunctioning computer with a loud fan only sometimes on.



Punch Card
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Re: Lenovo SL510 problem with fan

Hi Michael,


Lenovo ThinkPad laptops also come with the built-in ThinkVantage Power Manager program. If you go through the steps of creating your own / modifying an existing power scheme, you can change the cooling settings. Underneath Advanced Settings, Processor cooling management - System cooling can be set to Active or Passive. That should adjust some of your fan's action.


I've taken my SL410 into the library with cooling set to passive, and I've had no problems with aggravating sound.

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