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Lenovo ThinkPad R400 Factory Reset Without Recovery Disks

Hi So I got mt Lenovo thinkpad r400 (Windows 7)  few months ago and I want to reset it to factory state but whenever I try it says I need  to insert a certain disk but the issue is when I bought my laptop refurbished it didnt come with the 3 disks I need I tried making my own system repair disk but when I try to reset with my disk Iit wont work It says I still need the 3 disks I really need help so any help would be aappreciated Thanks

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Re: Lenovo ThinkPad R400 Factory Reset Without Recovery Disks



I am going to assume that your R400 did not come with a Lenovo preload. If it had, you would have a Q drive containing the factory preload image, and then pressing the ThinkVantage button would invoke the factory reload process. using Rescue and Recovery. In addition, having a Q drive, allows you to make factory recovery disks yourself using the Create Rescue Media application.


That said, your only other option is to call up Lenovo and pay for them, and that only works if you have a Windows 7 license on the laptop. I bought my R500 back in 2009 and it came with a  Windows 7 professional (32 bit) image. About two or three years later, I purchased the recovery disks from Lenovo, for Windows 7 professional 64 bit for $50 Canadian. What arrived were 2 DVD's and the label on them says that they can be used to recover T400, T500, R400 or R500. I have used them to re-image both my R500 machine, as well as a T500 machine I obtained recently.



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