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I want to upgrade my HDD, but I dont know Max of HDD capacity that ThinkPad R60e can support.  What is the maximum Lenovo supported capacity, and what have others found to work? 






Lenovo offered sizes up to 120 GB with the system originally, and presently offers up to a 320GB for sale on,  but customers have reported up to 500GB with success. 

Theoretically, any SATA HDD with 2.5 inch form factor with 9.5 mm thickness could be made to work. Today, based on available density and technology,  the largest made is around 750 gigs, anything bigger would have two platter and the thickness of the drive will be 12.5 mm, which is too thick to fit into the HDD slot.

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I want to upgrade hdd of lenovo thinkpad R60e. I want to know which type of hard disk is compatible with my laptop. I am going to buy..!!

Help please..!!