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Motherboard specifications - Socket P - Intel boards - nVidia chip problem - replacement



I'm replacing a mobo in a R61 14.1" that has a bad board due to nvidia issue


I'm having a really hard time finding specific info on certain boards to determine if they have socket P sockets or not (I have a T8300 processor).




Here's what I've figured out (based on research and more importantly the HMM for my machine). 


The T61 Boards will fit - I need X3100 and socket P


42W7866 - appears to be good to go

41W1487 - NOT good as it is NOT a socket P board


R61 boards





The two above HAVE firewire





The two above DON'T HAVE firewire.


So, I know amongst those 4 for the R61, 2 are likely socket P (one with and one without FW) and 2 are not. But I'll be **bleep** if I can find a reliable source to find out which are which. I've been searching for a couple hours straight.


So, if anyone knows the direct answer to that OR even better can point me (or somone reading this post in the future) to where they would find that info, that would be fantastic.

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