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Fanfold Paper
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Registered: ‎05-16-2008
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[NVM] Can't read DVDs Bluescreens, not cool...

[ Edited ]

I've had this Thinkpad for over a year now (AKA: the warranty is expired >.<) and I have been having some very annoying struggles:

(Details below, general problem is as followsSmiley Happy

Everyone-in-a-while I get BSOD 0x0000007E now-days. Today I got one and I figured it was due for a reformat anyway, so I am trying to reinstall with the latest Windows 7 RC, however...I ran into a very annoying problem: My DVD drive (Mata**bleep**a UJDA780, DVD/CD-RW) will no longer read DVDs! (UPDATE: It seems it is only bootable disks. UPDATE 2:It seems the burner on my desktop is messing up, sorry about that!)


Little details:

NOTE: Laptop came with Windows Vista Home Base, I formatted it and installed Windows XP Pro

Recently I purchased some new 2GB RAM (PNY) to add to my current 1 GB (single dimm) to get a total of 3 GB.

With the new ram installed, I got a BSOD at launch due to a bug in the outdated Intel Matrix Driver I had. So, I uninstalled the ram and upgraded all my drivers. Then I reinstalled the RAM to only get a BSOD on wake from standby. Because I had no time to deal with it, I simply uninstalled the RAM. (OH! BTW> I tested the RAM with MemTest86 or something from a live CD.)

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