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Paper Tape
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New Lenovo L512 experiences slowdowns

I've got a two-month old Lenovo L512 running 32-bit Win 7 with 4 GB of RAM (only 2.9 usable).


I've noticed that the computer tends to run slowly, both when I'm online with a wireless connection at 54 mbps (and a super fast cable modem) and when I'm trying to work offline. I've tried both Firefox 4 and IE 8 to see if it's my browser, but the entire computer is slow.


I have a single virus scan program, I don't have many installed programs, and don't tend to run too many at a time. I've checked the cache size on my browsers. I have plenty of room on my hard driver. I've scanned for viruses and malware. (All clean.)


I'm very frustrated by the slowdowns and am wondering if I have a lemon computer on my hands.


Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated greatly.



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Re: New Lenovo L512 experiences slowdowns

Hello mate,


When you are using your computer, do you notice if your hdd activity is important or not ?(hdd led blinking a lot)

You can try to install CCleaner and clean your laptop, defragment your hdd, and get rid of a couple of startup programs.


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