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Re: SLx series shipping messages

Ordered an SL400, Core 2 Duo 6675, 2GB RAM, 160GB HD, 6 Cell Battery


My Dell broke down in the middle of summer school, so I looked for sales and ordered a Lenovo. I ordered on 6/29, the website said that it would be shipped in 9-13 days. Decided that this was ok, since I wouldn't have to start typing up essays for class, until halfway into my classes, around mid July.


Called Lenovo on 6/30, to assess shipping, rep said that laptop should arrive within 2 weeks.

Called Lenovo on 7/1, just to check specs again, made no changes to specs, rep says that estimated shipping has been switched to 9/28, I hung up because I thought rep didn't know what she/he was talking about. Call back another rep says that it'll probably get shipped in 2 weeks and that I shldn't worry. Just to make sure, I call back the next day, rep says shipping date is 8/28. Gave up calling back, called back today, shipping date hasn't changed. 




This is crazy, this is the worst service I have ever seen. Lenovo website and reps are blatantly lying. And Lenovo shouldn't be allowed to get away this. My Classes are done on August the 5th anyways. And if I cancel there is going to be upto a 30 day hold on the credit card, courtesy of Mastercard. 


This is horrible.


I think a Class Action Lawsuit is in order. Im a Med Student, and I think Im going to go over to the Law School and talk to some people here.



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Re: SLx series shipping messages

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Sorry to hear that you are experiencing delays and confused communications with regard to your order.   As I understand it, we are experiencing some temporary supply constraints on SL ThinkPads and lead times are becoming extended.


Can you send me a private message with your order number? I'll see what can be done to try to improve your situation.


More generally, and for the benefit of others, if you have an order for an SL and you are seeing longer lead times - longer than you might reasonably elect to wait, you might contact sales and see if a T or R series ThinkPad might also fit your needs.   Perhaps, working with a sales representative, your orders could be rebooked on an alternate system.




I note you've posted several times that Lenovo doesn't seem to care and that the tone of the thread hasn't changed.   Please keep in mind that these threads tend to be posted to by people having issues - there is less of a compelling reason for somebody to join a forum and post when they get their system in a couple days.  Yet, there are some positive examples mixed in the last two pages of discussion.  


Yes, we definitely have room to improve as long as there are those who aren't receiving orders within the time originally advertised.   But, I think it may be unfair to characterize the tone as completely negative here.


Best regards,






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Re: SLx series shipping messages

I'm running into similar problems as gandoogandhi.  I ordered an SL400 on July 3, and the next day the website changed the expected time to +4 weeks.  In early July they told me not to worry, and it would be ready in two weeks.  I just called today and was told that there is a back order, they cannot give me anymore information, and to call back next week to see if there is a change.  I've had several Thinkpads, so I know it is worth the wait.  I am just hoping it will be here before my brother's birthday in early August.

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Re: SLx series shipping messages


Ordered the SL400 


wait until 07/20 still says in process..



Called CSR and said it will be shipped somewhere around October and asked for any explanation regarding to the delay and he told me he got no information at all.. so I decided to cancel my order since I am going out of country in August. I canceled the order and asked for the confirmation number for the cancelation and the rep told me that the order number will be the confirmation number (at that point i forgot to ask for the name or anything else. dumb)


later that day I check the order status and still say in process..



Called CSR again to make sure of the cancelation and talk to the rep. he said they are canceling the order and I will receive the cancelation confirmation within 2 business day from the day I called. then im being patience to check for the status until the 25th


07/25 (its saturday can call CSR)

checked the order status and shown as Shipped


07/26 (its sunday and im so dead)

tracking number available!


my problem is.

how do I return my order if im not available? it will come somewhere this week and i wont be able to receive the package and obviously lenovo will charge me restocking fee..


is there any solution for me to solve this problem?


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Re: SLx series shipping messages

The same thing happen to me as well.  It seems Lenovo is simply ignoring the customer's request to cancel the order and ship the product anyway. 


I had ordered a SL400 on 7/6.


After waiting for a week without any further communication, I called Lenovo on 7/13 to inquiry about my order.  At that time, the CSR informed me of the estimated ship date of 10/6.  Since I need the notebook computer for work related use, I can't really wait until 10/6 so I asked the CSR to cancel the order and was told that the request to cancel the order was submitted.


On Monday, 7/27, I was very surprise to receive an email indicating that my SL400 has been shipped.  Since I had already purchase another notebook computer, I call Lenovo to inquiry why my order was not cancelled but received no answer.  I tried to get them to reroute the product back to their warehouse and immediately credit back my purchase price to no avail.  The response was Lenovo can reroute the product back to its "quality center" and after a few day for inspection, my money will be refunded 10 business days after it passing inspection.  Why would my refund contigent on an inspection if it never reaches my hand is beyond me.  Deciding this is just not worth it, I told them not to bother.  I am out of town a lot so the computer is being shipped to my parents' house.  I will just asked my parents if they would like to keep the notebook.


I used to work for IBM and this would have never happen with IBM.  I am really sadden that Lenovo is eroding the excellent quality of service the brand used to represent.  I just hope the product itself has not suffered the same problem.


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Re: SLx series shipping messages

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People........ do not order SL series from Lenovo's website.....the shipping times could go upto 2 months in some cases.........those customer reps in India ...........they are very nice to talk to......but they irritate you with their blatant lies! They think, we the non-corporate customers are suckers, and can be taken for granted.


And the supply chain system of lenovo sux big time. there is no point in calling the local number and talking to a super professional American gent, apart from getting $50 off the final price, and their sales system is unfortunately tethered to the same stupid Global supply chain database where all orders are botttlenecked like in a bottomless pit, and the laptops get shipped from Jiangxi, China, where poor Chinese workers are forced to work in inhuman conditions.


if u r planning to wait, wait and wait.................then good luck.................... OR just order your Lenovo laptop from a 3rd party vendor such as ebay, newegg, and get your laptop in less than 5 days.



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Re: SLx series shipping messages

Ordered my SL400 in September (there were money issues, the banks involved were idiots). Checked this morning the status, discovered it had been shipped on Sunday, and recieved the shipping email today, to discover it had touched down in Melbourne.




Been very impressed with the service so far (except for the banks, ah, well.)

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Re: SLx series shipping messages

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July 27: Placed order for SL500. Estimated shipping time given was August 9-18

Aug 11: Received notification that my bank declined payment, and that my order will be cancelled within 72 hours if I do not reply. Visa told me that they would never cancel a payment after it has been authorized, so I'm not sure what happend. I was told ask Lenovo to try it again, and the same day I got an email confirmation that the payment went through and everything is in order. No shipping delay was mentioned.


Aug 20, morning: Called Lenovo for an update on the order status. Also, I was informed that my order will be delayed by about a week because of the problem with my credit card.


Aug 20, afternoon: Received email that my order was cancelled, no explanation given at all. I replied to the provided support email asking for an explanation, but since the notification was sent 5.50pm, there is no reply that day.


Aug 21, morning: Called Lenovo, I am told the cancellation notification was just an error and that my order still shows as in progress. Estimated shipping time given: September 4. I asked to get a written confirmation that the order was in fact not cancelled, and the customer service rep said she would send one. I never received it.

Aug 21, afternoon: Received email that sais: "We aplogize for the inconvenience. There was a part on the SL500 that is no longer available. You can rebook a new order if you choose." No further details or explanation.


Aug 24: Called Lenovo. The cs rep confirms the order is cancelled, and gives me the option of placing the order again. I am told it is required to charge my credit card again, and since the first payment has not been refunded yet, I have to wait until that refund comes in.


(i dont remember the exact date, around Aug 27?) After the refund comes through, I call Lenovo to place the order again. I am told that the reason the order was cancelled was because some part was not available anymore, but I can't get any information on which part that was. I am told that the new order will be exactly identical to the old one (which makes me wonder why it was cancelled in the first place..). Estimate given: First week of September


Sep 3: Call Lenovo to check on the order status, I am told that it will be will be shipped September 8.

Sep 4: Call Lenovo again to check because the credit card payment has been refunded. The cs rep confirms the order is still on and will be shipped September 8.


Sep 9: No shipping notification, call to check if it has been shipped. I am told that cs rep can't see the exact date but only the shipping week (why did 2 of them give me an exact date earlier?). cs rep confirms that the order will be shipped by the end of this week, Sep 11.


Sep 11 (Friday): No shipping notification, called to check status. I am told that the current estimated shipping time is Sep 18. (able to see exact dates again?). I ask to cancel my order, and get offered $50 rebate. I am informed that the cs rep is "sending the notification accross the globe", and that it can take 24-48 hours for the cancelation to come through, at which point the laptop might already have been shipped.


I am not cancelling my order because of the delays. Obviously I'm not happy about the delays, but I understand that can happen. I cancelled it because:

  • Every time I asked for a shipping estimate so far I was given a certain date or date range, never a qualifying statment included. I'd much rather be told that there is a chance it might be later, esp. since they obviously have been experiencing delays, than just given the first possible date to get me to hang up the phone without complaining. I'm being managed like an idiot, and it seems impossible to find out anything that is actually true.
  • Never was I notified when it became clear that the shipping date could not be met and the only one proactive notification, the one about my order being cancelled, was utterly unhelpful and confusing, plus the cs rep I called for clarification contradicted it. I can't trust any of the information I'm being given. 
  • The only reason I got offered a rebate was because I asked to cancel the order. I did not get the offer the first time my order was cancelled by Lenovo, or any of the times I was informed that there is a delay. Not being the greasy-wheel type, I will not be served well by reactive customer service that only kicks in if one complains loudly enough.
  • Sep 16 (Wednesday): Still haven't received a cancellation notification, called to check. I am told that I should get the email confirmation today or tomorrow. I can't get an answer why there's a delay over the original estimate of 48 hours.





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Re: SLx series shipping messages

Hi, I'm having a problem with my order if one of the Mods could help with it I would appreciate it. I ordered a SL500 on Aug 18th it was quoted for being shipped in 9 days I've called a few times and was told that it would ship "tomorrow" but have not received an shipping email. My order number is: 4240127825





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Re: SLx series shipping messages

> I ordered a SL500 on Aug 18th


What optional features did you order? It's possible that one of them is out-of-stock and that's what's holding up your order.


FWIW I ordered a SL500 on the 17th. It was shipped from China on the 20th and I got it on the 27th. Mine is the base configuration with just an upgrade to a C2D 2.1GHz CPU.

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