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As mentioned in the subject, I am not able watch videos in the internet (eg on Youtube) in full screen mode.
I click on the full screen button while the full screen opens but the image is not scaled properly. At the right and the bottom is still the background visible.
I read on the internet that you should disable hardware acceleration in the settings of the flash player. Unfortunately, that will not work for me. The only thing that changes is that instead of the background the bar on the right and on the bottom is black.



The solution in Youtube can be useful. Not only the video tutorial, but there are suggestions in the discussion below.
1. disable the mentioned coding of hardware acceleration
2. If you use Chrome browser, and the 2nd updated Flash Player installed, enter the URL:
chrome :/ / plugins  in the upper right corner on the "Details" button, disable the "Pepper Flash".


plug ins.JPG

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