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Paper Tape
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Operating System CDs

R40 ThinkPad was not shipped with software, need OS on CD.
Bit Torrent
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Re: Operating System CDs

Welcome to the forum:


If you got warranty you call Lenovo and ask for the disk, if you don't have warranty you can still try and see whether IBM service would ship you one. Or alternatively post WTB on the and see whether someone has one lying around that they want to sell you one. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Operating System CDs

What is the full 7 digit code?  I have several.

Punch Card
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Re: Operating System CDs

Press the blue "Access IBM" button (what does Lenovo call it these days?) and somewhere in there you'll find a system restore option. The OS is compressed and kept ready for quick use on a hidden partition. I think all you need to do is punch a few keys and you'll start reinstalling Windows. And, yes, I also have the CD. I requested one and one was sent to me free of charge. I wanted one since I was installing multiple operating systems on my R40 and wanted a backup in case repartitioning wiped out the hidden partition. It didn't.

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