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Power connect disconnect problem - beeping AC connect / disconnect SL 500


I am facing a weird problem with my SL 500 with Windows 7 (I also have Lucid Linux Installed on the system).

(Note: My laptop came with Vista)


While I start my computer after it was shut down (i.e. NOT for restart) it keeps beeping power connect-disconnect sound right from the boot till I completely load the OS. (irrespective of windows or ubuntu) But after the startup is complete it stops by itself and is gone after it. Anybody faced this problem? Any thoughts what it could be because?


Some observations and notes about my machine.


1. This happens only when I start machine and not during restart.


2. My vista was currepted a while back. s I reinstalled using another OEM my volume keys and thinkvantage (blue) button is not working since then. (This issue of beeping is a week or two now)


3. I noticed a little slow startup for 7 but rest all is fine.


4. I have thinkvantage power manager installed. (It shows connected-disconnected when the beeping goes on)


5. My battery is pretty old has around 30-40 min capacity.


Focusing on the beeping which signals AC connect / disconnect:


Look in the Config -> Alarms option in the BIOS, check if something needs to be enabled/disabled there, don't forget to save changes through F10 before exiting.

Check the mechanical connection - wiggle it gently to see if this causes the beeping - if the AC input jack is loose, it will alternately beep while the connection is wiggled.


While a low probability, the AC adapter itself could be going bad and causing the power to cycle on and off.  You may be able to test the output at the tip with a digital multi-meter, but depending on how fast it is cycling on and off, the meter may not react to the voltage change fast enough for you to see the change between 0 volt and 20 volt on the display.  (set the meter range for 20v DC).


Another way to test / verify is by connecting another known good and compatible (correct tip style and voltage)  lenovo adapter to it. 



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andyP On 2014-05-17, 15:58 PM

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