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Problem with 5300 wifi upgrade



My wifi router died last week so i bought a faster new one ''N'' 450Mps.


I ordered/installed this 5300 wifi card for my SL500 but got this message at startup:


1802 Unauthorized card adapter is plugged in ..........


Here's the card i ordered:


I really hope my SL500 is upgradable from ''g'' to 5300 ''n'' card.




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Re: Problem with 5300 wifi upgrade

I cannot belive i am the only one who wants to upgrade to a 5x faster wireless card.


I called Lenovo today and they told me this laptop is not compatible with these new N faster cards.


First time i buy a Lenovo and never seen a computer outdated as fast as this one.


Even EEE are easier to upgrade.


Thanks anyway.


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Re: Problem with 5300 wifi upgrade

The 5300 Wifi card needs 3 antenna wires, did you have it??? Also the error was produced by the fact that you used a Lenovo whitelisted wifi card, this is a security measure in all high security laptop like the thinkpads. 


You need to get the card from IBM or one that is pulled from a Lenovo Thinkpad. 


Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
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Re: Problem with 5300 wifi upgrade

looking at this page, the 5300 isn't listed as a system part for the SL500.   the 5100, 5150, and 5350, however, are listed.


given that, it's reasonable to assume that the 5300 isn't whitelisted in the SL500 BIOS regardless of it being an original IBM/lenovo card, limiting you to the 5100, 5150, or 5350 instead.


regarding antennas, all of the SL series are built with a triple MIMO antenna gang.   in fact, all of the three-number thinkpad series include all three antennas due to the lower cost of manufacturing.   this practice started with the X300.



(edited for clarification)

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Re: Problem with 5300 wifi upgrade



Is it possible/practical to upgrade a W500 4062-5FU from a Link 5100 (1x2 antennas) to a Link 5300 (3x3)?  I'm not sure why this box has the 5100 and not the 5300. Could it have something to do with the AT&T WAN card in this model?


Also wondering whether people have successfully hacked the BIOS white-list.

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