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Punch Card
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R32 screen brightness problem

I'm having a bit of a problem with the screen brightness on my R32. A while back, the screen backlight was flickering badly, and sometimes went off completely (it was just the backlight, as you could see by using a torch that the screen data was still there). So I replaced the inverter, and that seemed to solve the problem. However, the screen brightness has gradually faded, and now the screen is almost unusable in bright lighting. In a fairly dim room, or under typical lights, it's OK, but not if its a sunny day and I'm sat near a window. I've got the brightness turned up to maximum, but it only looks about the same as half brightness on other machines. The backlight also flickers a little on boot-up as well, and then settles down to a steady brightness.


Do you think this could be another inverter problem, or does it seem more like a problem with the light itself?

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Re: R32 screen brightness problem

the CCFL backlight on these machines are reaching the end of their useful life. So most likely the CCFL backlight that is causing the problem.

Does the screen have a pinkish tinge to it?

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Punch Card
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Re: R32 screen brightness problem

Thought it probably was the backlight - I've been looking at trying to source an affordable replacement for a while with the intention of swapping it out. (The machine is used every day for about five hours or more, and I've had it for about four years or so now, so I guess it's only to be expected!) But I don't want to have to pay for a new screen/backlight assembly if I just need another new inverter.


And there doesn't seem to be a noticable pinkish tinge to the screen.  If it's there, it's quite subtle and I've not noticed it...

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