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R40 2722-GDM - Larger Hard Drive booting

R40 – 27220GDM  Win XP SP2  Laptop firmware update 1.33 _1PET65WW), embedded controller firmware update 1.14.


My laptop currently has a 100 gig Seagate (ST9100823A) – not flashed with IBM firmware – previously Ghosted from the original IBM HDD.  When I attach a 160g Seagate drive (ST9160821A) via USB & external enclosure to the R40 laptop, the drive is totally visible in Disk Manager & accessible if I allocate a drive letter to it. 


I then Ghosted (Ghost 12) the 100 gig internal system drive to the 160 gig drive via USB, correctly setting the active drive and bootable (without allocating a drive letter), but when I install the 160 gig drive into the laptop immediately after Ghosting (viz without first restarting with the 100 gig or accessing the drive via the USB device which is purported to allocate a different drive letter to the device), the BIOS doesn’t seem to recognise the 160 gig drive.  We just get a flashing cursor in the top left of the display.  When doing the selective boot (via IBM Access button, then select temp startup device selecting Hard Drive, the drive doesn’t appear.  Have tried Fixmbr from XP CD repair.   Have also tried by partitioning the drive to 136 gig before ghosting which is inside the size limitation of some BIOS’s.  Also tried cloning the 100 g to 160 g using the sector copy giving the same 100gig size partition, without success.


If the drive is accessible via a USB interface, does that mean the PC BIOS should be capable of seeing the drive via the regular P-ATA interface?


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Re: R40 2722-GDM - Larger Hard Drive booting

I can only suggest to try out Acronis TrueImage (free 15 day trial).
I do not trust anything from Symantec.
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Re: R40 2722-GDM - Larger Hard Drive booting

Also you might want to check the BIOS with the new larger drive installed to make sure that the system is detecting the HDD in the first place. Since it is a older system it may not detect the newer larger HDD.
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Re: R40 2722-GDM - Larger Hard Drive booting

I agree with RBS, not that I don't trust Symantec, but somehow over the years Ghost has never seemed to be be able to deal 100% with the ThinkPad boot sectors. A real PITA. I've never had problems with Acronis.
Here's a document from Lenovo on the subject.



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Re: R40 2722-GDM - Larger Hard Drive booting

 MIGR-62282 Hard drive firmware update utility (Bootable CD ISO) - ThinkPad

Put the 160GB drive in the Thinkpad, turn it on, & start tapping F12 rapidly & repeatedly to get a Boot Device menu, put the Update CD in the drive, and select ATAPI CD0 from the menu, and follow the instructions. That should let the Thinkpad properly detect the HDD.

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Re: R40 2722-GDM - Larger Hard Drive booting

Thanks for that info and the reference to the Lenovo document.  Unfortunately command line switches are not supported with Ghost 12.  Ghost needs to be run under XP and there are no optoins other than the ones on the onscreen form prior to processing.    I'm yet to try Acronis
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Re: R40 2722-GDM - Larger Hard Drive booting

Thanks for this info. 
I followed the document and booted from the CD and although the drive was recognised, there were no updated firmware versions available for the drive on the firmware update CD, so unfortunately it didnt overcome the problem. The drive is a Seagate ST9106081A, firmware version 3.ALD.  
Will Lenovo be continually issuing updates that might include one for this drive?

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