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R500 - Needing Hardware Repair Advice

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Evening All!!! First time poster but long time follower and I'm needing a wee bit of help!

Basically I've been dragged kicking and screaming into helping out a mate of mine with a ThinkPad R500 (MPN: 2716-W7F) that he purchased off of eBay UK for £74.00p (roughly US $120.00) - it was purchased as spares & repairs but all it needed done to get it working was to reseat the single DIMM that was present.

Unfortunately that was the easy bit to the story - the palmrest has a big old crack in it (still usable but the cracked edges are sharp) but also the optical drive eject arm is basically loose i.e. it sticks out fully and can be easy pushed back in but just pops out by itself.

Basically what I need to confirm is how easy is it to get the optical drive eject arm fixed (i.e. is it a spring that's gone inside that mechanism?) and how much disassembly is needed to get at it - next with regards to the palmrest, I have spare one from a 15.4" T61p (FRU: 42W2024) and just wanted to see would that be compatible for use with the R500; the latter I'm not to sure about as I can't see the FRU listed within the service manual but wasn't sure if the basic level of support was present (i.e. FrankenPad level).

Thanks in advance and appreciate any assistance & input you can provide me.

Cheers, Scotty Boy!

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Re: R500 - Needing Hardware Repair Advice

1) Spring arm is not a spare part that you can buy, havent heard many repairs of this specific part. If you need to replace it, then you would need to get the entire base cover swapped out.

2) T61p's palmrest is different to that of the R500.

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