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Paper Tape
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R500 - Trying to Upgrade Hard Drive

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Hi Guys.


I have a Lenovo R500 and also trying to upgrade the hard drive to a 500GB Seagate. We have a few bad sectors on the old drive and really dont want to reload all the software onto the new drive.


What i've tried so far:


Bought a USB enclosure and put the old drive in it. Installed new hard drive into the laptop.


Boot with clone zilla from cd and made a copy disk to disk with all partitions (Service partition and cSmiley Happy without resizing anything.


Used the repair switch in clonezilla to continue if bad sectors are found. There is a total of 4.


After the cloning is completed and i try to boot the newly cloned installation, i get that intimidating error : Disk read error occured. restart...


The recovery partition also don't want to boot.


Spent lots of time online looking for a working resolution without luck.



fdisk /mbr

fixmbr fixboot

bootcfg /rebuild

According to Acronis Disk Director, the c: drive is primary and set to active.

Have fiddled with the boot sequence with no improvement.

I tried to do an overload, or in-place install of XP ( I have a retail xp disk for my old machine) After the usual deleting of some system files and a recopy of the files, the system reboots but the error still persist.

If i try to boot the new drive while it is installed in the USB enclosure, the machine actually finds the partition and tries to load windows but crashes shortly after the Windows XP load progress indicator displays. Safe mode no better.


Have seen that some folks have had success with Easeus Disk Copy. Have downloaded it and burned a disk but have not yet tried it. The laptop is currently working at the client's office using the old drive.


What i intend to do next when the laptop is available...


1) Attempt to run a full repair with chkdisk on the old drive to recover or mark as bad the sectors that gives problems.

2) Install the new drive, repartition and reformat. (This is an attempt to allign bios, boot sector and partition properly.) 

3) Use Easeus to clone from the old (Inside USB) to the new (Inside laptop).


If successfull, try to resize the partition using Acronis Disk Director. (I tried doing this last night but it crashed every time...)


Will update if this works for me. Any help or news on this would be very much appreciated.


Regards Einston..


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Re: R500 - Trying to Upgrade Hard Drive

This has been done many times successfully.  You are on to one of the keys already: put the new drive in the laptop before cloning.


Since you have access to Acronis tools, why not use Acronis for the clone operation?  It's known to work well.  Here's a detailed description of the process:


Hard Drive Clonewars - Klonkrieg der Festplatten



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Paper Tape
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Re: R500 - Trying to Upgrade Hard Drive

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Hi Guys..


I think i've found the root cause of the problem. Please see the following forum discussion.


Here are some of the posts from this forum in case the link becomes inactive...


Don't know whether you have a floppy.
Don't know anything about XP.
But I do have some experience with hard drives on laptops.
Problem seems to be that the laptop geometry is autodetected
differently on laptop than on desktop.
Had a problem with an IBM HD just this morning in a floppyless laptop.
Wouldn't boot.
Put the drive back into the desktop, turned off drive geometry
autodetect and set it for LARGE. Fdisk/Format/System.
Put it back into the laptop and it booted...back into the desktop
and loaded the files. (Tried all combinations of BIOS geometry
before I found that LARGE worked.)



What you are saying confirms my suspicions, especially regarding
Thinkpads. I had several contacts with Acronis tech support regarding an
image I made with True Image and they finally decided that my Bios
recognized my drive in a manner not exactly consistent with the drive's
specs. And since AFAIK, most laptops bios do not allow any fiddling with
HD parameters ... This would explain too that Partition Magic has
problems with a secondary drive in a Thinkpad: it sees it as defective
with its partitions if the drive has been cloned on the Thinkpad. This
does not happen if the cloning is done on a different machine, but then
the drive does not boot if put back in the Thinkpad.

A nightmare.

John has touched on the root of the problem, guys. This has long been an
issue with IBM laptops and, I've recently discovered this also seems to be a
problem with HP/Compaq laptops (I don't work on too many of those). The
problem is that the bios in these particular laptops autodetects the HDD
geometry differently than most other machines. Most machines will
autodetect the geometry with 255 heads, but the IBM autodetects 240 heads
(and adjusts the cylinder count accordingly to maintain the correct disk
size). Note I'm not talking about using two HDDs with different parameters,
I'm saying the exact same HDD will autodetect differently in different

So when you remove the HDD and put it in a desktop to do the cloning, the
clone is configured with a geometry as detected by the desktop. When you
move the HDD back to the laptop, it autodetects a different geometry and
things are out of whack.


I really hopes this help you guys out...

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