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R50e - No recovery capacity / seemingly valid recovery partition


My 'friend' gave me his R50e (1842-STU) to "fix" after he attempted to re-load Windows XP... Lord knows what he did - or why - but this is what I've got:

I'd like to simply use the recovery partition to 'return to factory' - but I am not given that option when I press the blue 'Access IBM' button during bootup.  All I have are options to hit 'ESC' to resume normal boot - F1 to enter IBM BIOS  Setup utility - F12 to choose a temporary boot device.

I've removed the HDD and connected to my Win 7 PC using a USB >IDE 'service interface' and I see what I believe is the 'service' and 'recovery' partition (brilliant that they named it "SERVICE") but how can I implement this to recover to factory?

When I boot the PC, I'm presented with options to boot into one of his 'failed' XP installations OR into PC-DOS.

If I choose the PC-DOS, I am presented with a single menu option:

"1. Thinkpad T4x/R5x"

but when I choose this, I get an immediate "File not found: 'C: \Command .com" with secondary messages saying:

   2   *--*       "PLNRID.EXE

                +++  RC(8)

  That is the wrong diskette for this Thinkpad.

  Please insert the correct diskette

   22   *--*    "{ATI_CTYP.EXE"  ;

                 +++ RC(8)



So I have to presume that (well, it would appear so anyway) the recovery partiton IS still 'valid' because I see a LOT of files and such in this partition totalling several hundered MB of data, but how can I use this D: ('RAM' drive) and 'C:' drive to recover?  I've serviced a LOT of laptops before- and even a 'functional' R50e that had the capacity to restore from the recovery partition directly from the 'Access IBM" button - but something is missing on this one.  And apparently I'm obviously the 'missing link' in this....  (I need a vacation, too)

Guidance, please....?


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Community SeniorMod
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Re: R50e - No recovery capacity / seemingly valid recovery partition


Hi billzinn and welcome to the Community,


I think the key phrase here is, "after he attempted to re-load Windows XP".  


It doesn't take much to mess up the recovery partition.

The easy way to straighten it out is to get yourself a set of restore discs and reinstall the os.

You can try to get them from service, link below, or get them from a supplier, link above.  I've gotten a few sets from the above over the years.








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