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R50e: ThinkVantage not working, downloaded Microsoft update won’t install

Greetings to all forum users from an Italian user.


I use an old ThinkPad R50e 1834-NFG (with Windows XP Home with service pack 3 as operating system) because it still suits my needs (primarily writing, and until some months ago only rarely the Internet). Some months ago I installed ThinkVantage, but it never worked properly: soon after the loading of the desktop a message automatically appears which reads (I translate from the Italian) “It is not possible to run (“eseguire” in Italian) ThinkVantage Access Connections on this system (“piattaforma”)” ; the same message appears if I try to run Access Connections later from the Start menu. I downloaded from Lenovo site the update ThinkVantage Access Connections for Windows XP - Notebooks 2009-06-01, but nothing changed. 


Besides, if I try to download updates (“Ricevi nuovi aggiornamenti”) from ThinkVantage System Update, the download stops after (usually) 19% of the process, and the following message appears: (translated from Italian) “An error occurred while downloading”. 


I did the complete Lenovo Hard Drive Test, and no problems emerged. 


I don’t know if there is some relation, but for some months I have been experiencing also the two following problems:

1) I succeed in downloading Microsoft Updates, but, even though my software is all original, it seems that some update won’t install, since every time I want to turn off the computer I am asked to turn off installing “important updates”, and this even if I never connected to the Internet in that session. I tried to uninstall the Internet Security software thinking that it might hamper the installation of the Microsoft Update, but I couldn't solve the problem.

2) Using Internet Explorer (version 8, but I tried also former versions to no avail) I cannot access at all most webpages which require logins and passwords, such as email. ([translated from Italian] “It is impossible to view the webpage”). However, I can login to some forums like this one without problems. I tried to follow directions from “Diagnose connection problems” about advanced Internet options about SSL and TLS, to restore default settings for Internet Explorer, but to no avail.Instead, there is no problem even with email if I use Mozilla Firefox. 


Thank you very much for your attention and for any reply.


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