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R51 Upgrades

Is there a way to upgrade the video card on the Thinkpad R51 laptop?  My laptop model is: 1830-Y3R which comes with a 32 MB ATI 7500 Card.  I'd like to see if I can upgrade this to 128 MB or 256.



I've already upgraded the RAM to 2GB.

I ordered a WD 160 GB 9.5 mm 2.5 in PATA/IDE ATA-6 hard drive.


Also, has anyone ever switched the system board in an R51 to a system board from a different system (possible R51)?

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Re: R51 Upgrades

Welcome to the forum!


You can't switch/upgrade the video card, since it's soldered to the motherboard. However, you can install the upgraded board from a R50p (or T41p/T42p, same thing) which has 128 MB VRAM.


Hope this helps.



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