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R51 hard drive replacement: limit on thickness (height) of drive

Tell me if a slightly thicker (i. e. higher-- height) 2.5" hard drive might work for me.


Because I own a 2004-built R51, it seems I won't be able to use PATA drives thicker than my Fujitsu drive (model MHT2080AT). [I can't use a SATA drive.]


My failing or shot drive is somewhere between 7 and 8 mm thick (i. e. high). [There's a thin metal sheet covered with round holes attached with screws to the PCB side of the drive. I suppose this thin sheet is the caddy. Yes? By putting my metric ruler from the PCB to the metal of the label side of the drive, it seems the thickness is ~ 8 mm.]


If I find a possible replacement on eBay or somewhere else, I figure non-WD drives larger in storage capacity than my current 80 GB drive probably won't work for me since they'll be too thick (i. e. too high), too high because they have more hardware inside them. Therefore, I think I'll only be able to use another 80 GB drive.


The WD Scorpio Blue 120 GB PATA Hard Drives (WD1200BEVE) that someone here recommended to me has these dimensions: height- 9.5 mm

                      width- 69.85 mm

                      depth- 100.2 mm


[The other PATA drives made by WD have the same dimensions.]


The 100.2 mm depth is about 1 mm longer (deeper) than mine so that might be a problem. But it's the height of 9.5 mm that probably won't be accepted by the hard drive opening in my R51.


Maybe someone here has run into this same problem and can advise me what I can and can't do.



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Re: R51 hard drive replacement: limit on thickness (height) of drive

All of these drives will work just fine, they belong to the same 9.5mm standard as your current Fujitsu one.


So get the biggest one, which is 320GB.



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