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Paper Tape
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R51e -- Installing UltraBay Battery

OK, my dreary R51e saga continues.


I took out the CD/DVD drive and replaced it with a new IBM battery.


Even after a couple of reboots, both Windows and ThinkVantage show only the main battery.


I have looked and looked, both in various settings onboard the computer and on the Web, trying to find an explanation or a solution.


So, here I am again.


What should I be looking at/for?



Mark, the UltraBay-weary ThinkLoyalist Smiley Frustrated

Paper Tape
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Re: R51e -- Installing UltraBay Battery

Apparently I did something wrong.


I turned off my machine, tipped it over, and felt the UltraBay battery slide out against my hand!




I guess I'll have to remove the keyboard again to see if I can figure out what I did wrong.

Paper Tape
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Re: R51e -- Installing UltraBay Battery

Well, I opened the machine.


Slid the UltraBay battery back in and heard the click of the latch.


I made sure the battery was in securely, reattached the keyboard, and turned the computer over to put the screws back in...


...and felt the battery slide out against my hand again!


I sure hope somebody here can tell me a thing or two...that's helpful.






PS: I purchased it on Amazon (yes, that links to the product page). It is FRU P/N 41A4118.

Retired SuperMod
Retired SuperMod
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Re: R51e -- Installing UltraBay Battery



sorry I didn't read the first line in your other thread properly, or it didn't quite register properly.  That battery isn't compatible with the R51e, the system doesn't have the connector on the interposer board for it. Smiley Sad


Battery Options - ThinkPad R50, R50e, R50p, R51, R51e, R52


It may be possible to get it to fit by swapping out the interposer board, but I can't be sure having not done it, also the board may not be compatible with your mainboard - dunno??  Please post the type and model number of your system and I'll do some investigating.


For longer battery life you will see in the above document that the 9 cell battery would be a workable solution.


Sorry for being the bearer of bad news Smiley Sad



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Paper Tape
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RESOLVED: R51e -- Installing UltraBay Battery

Thank you, Andy, for your wonderful help with this issue!


I also really appreciate your willingness to do further research on this for me.


There's no need. I've already scheduled a return to Amazon on the basis that the item is not compatible with the R51e, though the listing states repeatedly that it is.


I'm glad to be rid of the thing. I lost a bunch of time on it, but I (re)learned some important lessons.


And, thanks to you and Anastasios, I learned some good things about my computer as well.


Grateful for this forum and for the help I got from you two,



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