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R51e Running Hot.

2007-12-28, 4:41 AM

I've had my R51e for just over a year now, and I've always noticed that it seemed to be running hot compared to my previous thinkpad, the R50e. I installed Speedfan, and this gives the CPU temperature at a fairly constant 70 degrees C, and the HDD temperature at around 40-45 degrees C.

I did mention this to the tech support people, but they told me this was normal. A few months ago, I moved from HK to Manila. I used my R51e for about a month, and then, suddenly it stopped working - it wouldn't even boot up. I took it to the support people in Manila, who replaced the motherboard. I asked if the overheating could be the cause, but they said that that wasn't a problem. The computer worked fine for another month and then ... the motherboard blew out again. I took it to be replaced again, and the unit was returned to me in mid-November.

Its now the end of December, and I now realise that my one year warranty expired two weeks ago. This makes me nervous as I've gone through two motherboards in two months. In addition, I recently noticed some problems with the audio (the left channel packed up) which also seemed to be motherboard related .... So, some questions ...

Is the temperature I record above to be expected? If not, could it be a cause for the motherboard blowing out?

If the current motherboard goes again, is it covered by warranty? Theoretically I bought the computer a year ago, but as its a laptop, the whole of the computer was effectively replaced a month ago (and again one month before that). It doesn't seem right that the motherboard is now considered to be a year old and therefore out of warranty.

What are my options here?

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Re: R51e Running Hot.

2007-12-28, 16:25 PM
You could look into buying an extended warranty package.
Do you work in a dusty environment, or perhaps have a cat that likes to sleep near the laptop vents?
You could have clogged ventilation ports.
It may also help to put Arctic Silver thermal paste between CPU and cooler.
You can also try this utility CPUIdle to bring the temp down.
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