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Paper Tape
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[R52] Wrong ram description online?

Hi there,


I needed to upgrade ram on my ibm thinkpad r52, so I looked up the specs at:

There, it is clearly mentioned that I need DDR ram - so I bought it - was very expensive, as it is not so common any more, didn't fit - so I figured out, my laptop needs DDR2 ram.


Had to drive again to the shop, so I had a lot of hassle, cost for 2 times the way, and of course I got old DDR ram which I can't use.


I'd expect correct information on a company's website which wants to be in a "business" league.

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Re: [R52] Wrong ram description online?

Hi balabushka,

If it didn't fit then you probably didn't buy the correct RAM. The description states '200 pin SO-DIMM'. If it was more than 200-pin SO-DIMM perhaps then you bought memeory for desktop or another laptop.

The detailed specification of the RAM you require is this:- PC2-4200 533MHz DDR2 / non-parity / CL4 / dual channel capable / two 200-pin SO-DIMM sockets.

Hope it helps.


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Paper Tape
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Re: [R52] Wrong ram description online?

Thank you for your answer. Where do you have the info "PC2-4200 533MHz DDR2 / non-parity / CL4 / dual channel capable / two 200-pin SO-DIMM sockets."

It is not mentioned on the support page.

On my mentionend link only following info is presented, which makes me think I need DDR memory, instead of DDR2 memory:


  • 64-bit Double Data Rate (DDR) non-parity SDRAM memory
  • PC2-4200 at 533MHz
  • Two 200 pin SO-DIMM memory slots, one slot is pre-populated with 256MB, 512MB, or 1GB leaving one socket available
  • Supports up to two 1GB SDRAM SO DIMMs
  • Supports maximum memory up to 2GB

Please have a look at following wikipedia quote:

"The 200-pin SO-DIMM notch is in one of two locations. If the notch is located away from the center, it indicates the DDR class of memory. When the notch is located nearer the center of the board, it generally (but not always) indicates that the RAM is of the DDR2 type. These two types of memory are not interchangeable. The different notch locations are designed to prevent cross-installation. Keep this in mind when attempting to visually identify 200-pin SO-DIMM modules."


So, from the given info from "" you cannot decide whether you need ddr or ddr2 ram. The first dash makes me think its ddr, not ddr2.


So, why your phrase with DDR2 isnt mentioned on the support page?

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Re: [R52] Wrong ram description online?


You're wrong.

a) There is NO such thing as 4200 DDR RAM, not for laptops anyway.

b) Number "2" following letters "PC" in RAM specification signifies DDR2.

Therefore, if you knew what you were looking at to begin with, you wouldn't have made a mistake.

Secondly, even if you were unsure about specs, any competent retailer would've provided you with correct RAM from what's listed on the support page...



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Paper Tape
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Re: [R52] Wrong ram description online?

Ok, thank you for your explanation.


However, it wouldn't hurt if there is one word about DDR2 on the page.


Thank you!

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