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Paper Tape
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R60 / Blue Screen - Parity check / Memory Parity Error

Hello there,

I got the following blue screen in the last days.

Can someone tell me what this means?

*** Hardware malfunction
call your hardware vendor for support
NMI: Parity check / Memory Parity Error
*** The systen has halted ***

I have a Thinkpad R60. If you need additional information about my notebook, I will post it here.

Thanks! Smiley Happy

Have a nice weekend
Fanfold Paper
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Re: R60 / Blue Screen - Parity check / Memory Parity Error

Windows Memory Diagnostic Here


A parity error is usually a memory could also be the video card.


First try reseating the memory sticks then see if it boots without errors.


Try removing any extra memory sticks leaving only the least amount that's needed for the laptop to boot and run Windows...Restart and see whether you still get the eror messages.









Paper Tape
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Re: R60 / Blue Screen - Parity check / Memory Parity Error



same error here. I get this error when I use photoshop Cs3 with the demo of the plugin. If i open the plugin I have about 1 minute to mark the edges and than the error appears. I replaced the memory, but no change. Then I got the same error in some freeware game. Sorry I can't remember the name. The effects are the sam, colored lines moving on the screen and than bluescreen.


I use Vista64 Ultimate 4gb ram, I know the r60 is limiting it to 3gb Smiley Sad .

I personally think its not a memory problem but a problem with the video card driver, but I don't know for sure.

If anyone knows a cure, feel free to tell us Smiley Happy





What's DOS?
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Re: R60 / Blue Screen - Parity check / Memory Parity Error



  I've R60e of Lenovo,I am getting the same error and my warranty has expired.I dont understand what to do.Can Lenovo/IBM people help me to serve/repair my computer.I've sent a mail request to them and called them also but no response from them.I couldn't understand what's the solution for it.


 I heard that some people will repair it but will that be reliable one than Lenovo/IBM ?


 Can anyone suggest me what to do.


Thanks in advance.

Paper Tape
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My Results

Ok, I tried this:


I use Memtest86 to check the memory. The result was that the memory was broken. So I bought an new memory part, builed it in and run the Memtest86 again. Then I got again an message that the memory is broken. This means that the motherboard is broken.


So I send it to Lenovo Customer Center and they repaired it.


Greetz from Germany.


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