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R61 Audio Jack Issue

Hi. I have a 77331CU which I purchased refurbished last year. The audio jack is only playing out of the right speaker. Just the audio jack, both speakers work fine. I've checked with 2 different headphones and it's definitely the jack. I'm assuming it must be a loose connection, but also noticed a post somewhere online where someone claimed that sometimes cleaning the inside of an audio jack will fix such a problem.


What are my steps here? Should I first try to clean the inside of the jack, and how?  Is it easy to access the audio jack and view the connections? Can someone point me to an online manual or video that shows exactly how to get to the audio jack and shows the points where soldering might have come loose? I assume there could be more than connection that is the culprit though, maybe it's a connection on the audio card end and not the audio jack end. Or is the jack actually part of the audio card?


I need to fix this myself. If I can open it up and actually locate a loose connection I will just take it somewhere to have someone else do the soldering. Am living in Peru now, but I'm going back to the U.S. for a 12 day visit in 3 days. If I need to order a part, such as a new jack, I need to find out ASAP, so I can get it shipped to myself while I'm in the U.S.



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Re: R61 Audio Jack Issue

Good Morning,


Please access the following link to the Hardware maintenance Manual for your machine.  There is information regarding maintenance for jacks starting around pages 73-78.


I hope this helps. 

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Re: R61 Audio Jack Issue

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You can clean inside the jack with a small cotton swab and some contact cleaner that is available from any computer or electronics supply store.


Resoldering the microphone/headphone jack is a very difficult task.  Most of the jacks are integrated onto the motherboard.

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