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Paper Tape
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎05-12-2008
Location: Moscow. Russia
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R61 HL DT ST GSA-T20N does not write to DVD-RAM

R61 8943-DMG.   DVD Multiburner HL DT ST GSA-T20N fw. WX05


DVD Multiburner HL DT ST GSA-T20N fw. WX05  worked OK with all standard media except for DVD-RAMs up until the moment when the company decided to use DVD-RAMS for archiving some specific data. It was when I discovered that HL DT ST GSA-T20N does not want to write to DVD-RAM media claiming "Disc is not appendable","Media scratched or damaged" etc. It reads RAMs OK but does not write to them.


However R60e-s with Matsu**bleep**a UJ-850 multiburner and all IBM/Lenovo desptops in this office with similar software - SONIC Multimedia Offering worked OK with same DVD-RAM media and that particular 3 DVD-RAM disks we experimented with trying to find the problem... .


We tried all UDF versions formats (1.02, 1.50. 2.0, 2.50, we  even tried FAT 32 formatting....  We turned ON/OFF DLA... .  We formatted DVD-RAMs in Lenovo PCs with SONIC and in non-Lenovo PCs with 3-d parties software . The media is top-class Verbatim 4.7 Gb 3x  "Made in Japan"  stuff.


I have a suspicion HL DT ST GSA-T20N is to blame.


Do I have options to fix it without Service Center?