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R61-WinXP-Constant problems, new DVD recorder, all solved

For over a year my R61 was sluggish to start, and often did not open all the programs on the icon bar at bottom right of screen. I got frequent blue screens.   I ran the pc-Doctor for Windows tests, which showed no problems.


I finally noticed that if the icons did not appear on the taskbar on bootup, sometimes touching the console over the area of the DVD recorder would improve things (so, possible dodgey connection). At the same time, I begen getting messages that the DVD recorder was not recognising discs.

So i replaced the DVD drive, which i discovered is a pop-out module (gives you an indication of my technical skills that i never knew this before).


Computer now boots up fine every time.


The moral of the story from my experience  is that if you get an unknown problem and the computer is not detecting any specific issue, it may relate to faulty actual hardware, and the likeliest suspect may be the hardware that gets the most physical use- the fan (where a fault CAN lead to a message from the computer) or the DVD recorder, which you are frequently opening and closing


i would be interested to hear your comments- .this has been a most unscientific solution to a problem, but it sure seems to have worked.

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Re: R61-WinXP-Constant problems, new DVD recorder, all solved

I have seen numerous laptops in the shop where I work
that fail to boot, or have intermittent problems, where a
faulty optical drive was the cause.

Testing with hard drive and optical removed is very high
on my list of troubleshooting steps!
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