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R61 virtualization won't enable for Windows 7 XP Mode



I have an R61 (T8100 Core 2, 4gb) running Windows 7 64-bit Professional.  I was attempting to install and run Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode.  The installation went off without a hitch.  However, the first time I attempted to run XP Mode, I received a message that hardware virtualization was disabled and that it needed to be enabled in BIOS.


Aparantly, the BIOS default is disabled.  I booted into BIOS and enabled hardware-assisted virtualization, saved and exited. Attempting to run XP Mode and it still says that virtualization is disabled.  I download the Windows 7 "Hardware-assisted virtualization detection tool" and it too tells me that it is present, but disabled.  I boot to BIOS again--BIOS (under the CPU tab) says that it is enabled.  F10, reboot, and try again...no luck.




Aparantly, for these changes to take effect at the hardware level, the system must be shut down completely (off) after making the changes in BIOS (with save & exit).  A total shutdown and cold boot after the BIOS change should enable VT to work properly and be detected as enabled in the OS.


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