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R61e - temperatures are normal? There is no speedstep.

Hello. I'm Polish so don't be scared about my English Smiley Happy 


I've recently replaced the CPU in my R61e from Celeron to C2D T7300. I've put new thermal grease with addition of silver. I've managed to diassembly the fan and I've put there a bit of oil, to be quiet. And it works great.


But I'm afraid of temperatures. Now, when I'm using Youtube and some other things there is from 52- 61 degrees. And the fan works. I used Orthos (program which uses CPU to 100%) and in full stress it was 74 degrees. Now It's 52.


On batteryy there is 44 degrees. Are these normal temperatures? Celeron was 57 degrees always.

The fan speed is 3400 rpm. I've read that these are normal temperatures for T7300. I can buy Arctic Silver 5 but it will cause 5 degrees less only.


In BIOS there is Max pefrormance on AC, and minimum for Batterry. When I change it to Automatic for AC, Windows stops logging. It shows Starting Windows and that's all. So now there is no SpeedStep. Maybe this is the problem? The CPU works all the time on 2GHZ.  Should I reinstall the OS? Hope for the answers, thanks!

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Re: R61e - temperatures are normal? There is no speedstep.

this is quite normal for the ThinkPads R61 when running on the T7xxx CPU, the higher the T7xxx you go on the T61 and R61, the more heat it produces at high load.

You are okay with that temperature range, since your laptop's external casing is not getting to that temperature.

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