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R61i Vista - no Wireless in Device Manager

Few months ago I've bought Lenovo TP R61i 8918 DMG, cleaned it and installed Vista Business. I don't remember any problems with wireless installation (I'm not sure weather I installed it before or after bluetooth, if it matters), since I used wired LAN back then, I turned off wireless with Fn+F5.

After that I upgraded my Vista with SP1. 

Few days ago I had to switch to wireless, so I checked Fn+F5 to find out wireless is missing there. Then I've found there's no wireless connection icon and "manage wireless network connections" in Network and Sharing Center. Also no Wireless in Device Manager. There is under Other Devices a "Network Controller" but I can't either reinstall it (clicking that button), and under Driver tab (Properties, Driver, Driver details icon) it says that no drivers are required or have been loaded for that device.


Wireless/network switch is on.

I don't have any old restore points. 

Wireless is set to ON in BIOS.


I tried installing then uninstalled Access Connections since I don't use it.

I tried manually installing wireless driver (7rwv10ww.exe)

Please help
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Re: R61i Vista - no Wireless in Device Manager

Welcome to the forum!


Have you unpacked the driver from the appropriate directory after downloading it, should be something like C>Drivers>Win>Wlanint


Good luck and let us know.



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Re: R61i Vista - no Wireless in Device Manager

Thanks for the greetings big fish, 

solution was actually too obvious (I spent 10 hrs reading similar problems with Lenovo wireless on different boards), I figured it out by luck:

1. fact: most of the similar problems were when people migrated from Vista to XP, or in less extent from XP to Vista (my case). 

-since neither Ath nor Int (I found only those for XP) wireless worked, I downloaded wireless drivers directly from Intel. There were three files to download, first, wireless detection tool was useless, said I don't have wireless card, second was the files, the third are 200 MB developer drivers which I don't need. Installed it and it's working so far. (I'm not sure where I got these Atheros drivers and process messed up, but now it's finally working). 

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Re: R61i Vista - no Wireless in Device Manager


I'm having a similar problem getting XP to detect my wireless card.

Could you please post a URL or other instructions as to exactly where you found the required drivers?


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Re: R61i Vista - no Wireless in Device Manager


 it should be somewhere here (in Intel download center, at least that's where I've found drivers that solved the problem): , version depends on OS and wireless you have on board.
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