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Paper Tape
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Replacing HDD questions

So to make a long story short the Thinkvantage Toolbox thing has been reporting a bad hard drive for about a month now.

I'm not getting other indicators of emminet failure like bad sectors but didn' t want to push the thing as its under warranty so I got in touch with the contact center yesterday and had a replacement drive delivered today, and I live in the boonies so kuddos there.

However I've got this HDD with nothing but lables to ship the old one back to "avoid being charged for the new part".

So at this point I've got two main concerns.

I understand the monkey work of replacing the drive on this machine but am I to assume that the new drive has a pre-loaded os or something or is there some procedure that maybe I could follow?

I've done some general poking around on the net and haven't found anything so far so I'm trying here.

My second consideration has to do with returning a drive that I've lived with for over half a year and shows no other problems except for a Thinkvantage flag.

I understand that there is some kind of warranty extension "servece" that allows physical retention of the old drive and I'm not trying to be a jerk about anything as I understand recycling old electronics and yada yada yada but it seems silly to just send my old data off like that on some vague threat of a charge if I don't return the part.

I'm happy to return the thing but if I'm not satisified that I've been able to wipe the drive it'll be coming back with a few nails through it and etc.

Is that going to incur this "charge" they mention?

If the old drive was acting more like a bad drive I wouldn't be quite as concerned about cleaning the data but I'm not tickled about the idea of sending the thing somewhere with over half a years worth of various personal information on it in its current state.

How they even think they would "charge" me is another question altogether but I'd rather find a reasonable remedy for my concerns if one is available than force the issue needlessly.


Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎05-18-2012
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Re: Replacing HDD questions

Okay, got some info e-mailed from Lenovo this morning.

The physical drive beat the e-mail getting out here to the boonies in less than 24 hours on Friday.

UPS was all over that one no?

The confusion aside kuddos again for the speed, and I notice the replacement drive is over 50 gigs larger than the old drive so more warm and fuzzies from my end.


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