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Rescue and recovery ThinkPad R61


I have a ThinkPad R61 (Product ID 8918A22) that was originally delivered with Vista installed.  When making the purchase the Lenovo consultant emphasised that I needed to make R&R discs BEFORE retrograding to WINXP.  I know that the first thing I did when I received the laptop was to produce three DVD's.  It is too long ago to remember exactly what I did but I marked the DVD's 1 to 3 with 'Restores to Vista'.


Over the years I have done 2-3 restores using the Lenovo supplied discs to overcome sluggish behaviour. Today I did a restore using the 1st Vista DVD that I made years ago. However, it only restored to WinXP??  Additionally there was no request during this process to insert either of the other DVD's. The folders on the 1st DVD are BOOT, PREBOOT and TVTOS and a file in the root directory called BOOTMGR. The 2nd and 3rd DVD's have a folder called RRbackups.  A search of the 1st DVD for *vista* threw up D:\PREBOOT\PCDRWINPE\PCDR2D3VIDEO-VISTASPECIFIC.DLL and D:\PREBOOT\PCDRWINPE\VISTAHELPPANE.EXE.  By contrast the Lenovo supplied R&R disc has folders I386, MFG, PREBOOT, RECOVERY, SWWORK and several files in the root directory. Not surprisingly, a search for Vista on the Lenovo R&R disc showed no hits. 


Several hours of browsing around various webpage and threads located advice on how to make 'Rescue Media' using ThinkVantage.  I see from one article that you need 1CD and 1 DVD to generate Vista Rescue Media.  This compares to my three DVD's????


From what I have written, can anyone deduce where I stand at the moment in regard to my ability to recover to Vista rather than XP?  Does it appear that I stuffed up the making of the Vista R&R discs and I need to buy recovery media from Lenovo if I want to recover to Vista?  I still have the Microsoft label on the bottom of the laptop where I can just make out the words Windows Vista.  The Product Key is clearly legible.


Thanks in advance for any assistance or insight you can give.  Please don't be too techo in any replies because I'm not overly tech savvy.


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Re: Rescue and recovery ThinkPad R61

Welcome to the forum!


Personally, I'd just borrow a retail copy of Vista installation disk and install it fresh, then apply any updates that you deem fit. Original Vista media would be six years old now, and require updates as well.


You might have to give Microsoft a call in order to activate it, though.


My hunch is that the media you have will not do anything but install XP...which is clearly not what you want.


Good luck.



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