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Paper Tape
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Rescue and recovery

How long does a rescue and recovery take putting back the computer the way it was from the factory when first bought.

The one I am working on took and hour and a half.  After this reinstall there was 88 processes running at 900mb but then went down to about 650mb.  Hard drive light seems to be running furiously. Opening  programs takes along time . The same goes for installation of software.  Testing of ram shows no problems, test on hard drive shows it is working properly , but it is 3 years old and could be failing.

Does anyone know what could be the problem

system is thinkpadR61i   1.4 GHz core 2 duo CPU 2gb ram 120gb HDD Windows Vista home premium

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: Rescue and recovery

Hi grassman0707 and welcome to the forum,


Open task manager and see what's running.  It sounds like something is working the processor pretty hard.


Did you install Vista's service packs yet?  I know Vista runs pretty slow until the service packs and updates get installed.


Run Thinkvantage System Update and update the drivers and Thinkvantage programs.  You'll need Microsoft net.framework installed for system update to work.  3.5 sp1 is what worked for me, there were some problems with 4.0, but I think that's fixed now.  


An hour and a half to restore Vista is probably close. 88 processes is about normal. The last machine and os I restored was xp tablet and it had 78 processes when I got done with it and it took about an hour.



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Paper Tape
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Re: Rescue and recovery

Thanks Dave,

The PC, which is not mine but my neihbours, was running very slow for quite a while,and yes it had all its proper updates.

I took it , ran virus scans , malware and spyware scans , defragged and also a registry cleanup, to no avail, so saved all important data and used the recovery and rescue option.

This reinstall did not do any good, trying to install software would still take ages to open from the CD , also same opening programs, I gave up and tried to do something else only to have the program open a few minutes later.


Speaking of recovery and rescue my XP PRO machine recovers in 15 minutes from start to finish so I was quite concerned with the length of time Vista was taking.


The machine is out of warranty and the neihbour has put it in the closet, he has got a Windows 7 laptop now and thinks its great.


Thanks again for your reply, greatly appreciated.




Token Ring
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Re: Rescue and recovery

@grassman0707 wrote:

Does anyone know what could be the problem

I seem to remember having read, that the hard disk on a new Vista installation is more active than what would normally be expected during the first few hours or even days. IIRC, the reason is, that the operating system indexes the hard disk's files, and this takes some time. After running a few days at the most, the hard disk activity should return to normal again and the system should be responsive.


I also read that Vista requires a 2.0 GHz processor to run smoothly, so 1.4 GHz might be a little slow.

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