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Re: SL 400 Screen Flicker

JamieZ -- My computer is out of warranty and I was trying to fix it myself. I don't think it's worth spending hundreds of dollars on getting it repaired by Lenovo. Since this seems to be a common problem with the SL400 (see above), I thought maybe there was a common issue with this model.

Paper Tape
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Re: SL 400 Screen Flicker

After using 6 years my lenovo SL400 I faced the problem of screen flickering .

Initially screen flickered with few beep sounds and then complete black screen .

I tried to resolve the issue from software side but problem still persisit .

Contacted local computer service guy , he suspected graphic issue , but refused to repair as he was not confident.

Now he is asking to change the motherboard but unfortunately motherboard of SL400 is not available .

Don't what is actual problem wether harware issue , connection problem or just some software error .


Please some one advice .

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