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What's DOS?
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SL400 Loose AC Adapter

My daughter's SL400 will only charge sporadically (meaning we wiggle it until it says it's charging, then we try not to touch it until it's charged) because the AC connector on the laptop side is loose. Trying to connect the power cord to the laptop pushes the connector into the laptop, and the cord end has a flange, so the connector does not make a tight connection. Is there any easy fix for this? Naturally, this started 2 days before school starts, so it's a bad time to have to send it in for repair; on the other hand, if it won't charge, it will soon be useless anyway.

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Re: SL400 Loose AC Adapter

From the description I'd say you're going to have to send the system in for repairs. I wouldn't delay it either because if the connector is loose, wiggling it could also cause a short circuit and result in severe damage to the motherboard.

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Re: SL400 Loose AC Adapter

The power connectors on the SL400 are weak and break easily.  I have an SL400 in the shop on warranty repairs (broken hinge, broken bottom cover, and power connector).  Lenovo covered the hinge and bottom cover but the tech at lenovo said the power connector was my fault as I must have dropped it or something.  bull, I've treated that laptop very well.


My SL400 is my last lenovo.  it's going off to college with my son and when it dies it won't be replace by another thinkpad, I've had enough crappy quality and service from Lenovo.

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Re: SL400 Loose AC Adapter

Heh come on now, they aren't that bad...  well maybe if you compare them to Thinkpads back in the day.  My SL500 hasn't given me problems yet, and I've had it since last December.  Yes they're not perfect, but rarely is any laptop perfect in everyway.

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Re: SL400 Loose AC Adapter

@Sxooter. If you think the decision that the tech at Lenovo proposes is wrong, you can raise the issue to the attention to the manager or higher authority in the warranty department.


Also, FYI Lenovo don't do the repair, what they are telling you is just the report that the techie from the depot gives them, which is not always accurate, as the repair is outsourced to large after sale service provider like Solectron, etc. 


So if you think something doesn't sound right, you should talk to the Lenovo. When a cop book you for something that you did not do, obviously you wouldn't just sit there and do nothing. 



Jin Li

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I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
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Re: SL400 Loose AC Adapter

I am having the same problem.  It is out of warranty (and I am pretty handy) so I am going to dissasemble the laptop and try to fix it myself.


I believe the loose connector is called a "DC-in cable" ( it is the yellow jack that the AC adapter plugs into).


IMB maintenance parts catalog shows two similar parts:  the 14W "44C9986"  ($11) and  the 15W "44C9987" ($65).

The associated AC adapter is P/N 92P1214. the laptop is a SL400 Thinkpad  2743 CTO.


Can anyone tell me which cable I need?  the 14W or 15W?


Anyone attempt this kind of repair before?



Fanfold Paper
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Re: SL400 Loose AC Adapter

I am having this problem also! 


To srduly,   Sorry, I don't know which cable you need.  Would you please post your experiences after you change it out?

Paper Tape
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Re: SL400 Loose AC Adapter

Well, it was the power jack after all.  I found the part on eBay for much cheaper than other online sources. $34 shipped ($19 + $15 shipping). 


NEW IBM ThinkPad SL400 SL400C Power DC Jack 14W 44C9986


I followed the FRU repair videos on:


It took me about 1.5 hours to dissassemble and about an hour to reassemble.  One time/effort saver was that I did not completely remove the display. I only loosened it from the posts so I could get under the corner to the jack.  That way I didn't have to mess with routing all the wires that otherewise would have to be removed.


I also taped each set of screws onto each part as I removed it to help keep track for reassembly. 


I am fairly handy but not a technician.  I only really used an anti-static writs band and mat and a small screwdriver.  Some of the internal ribbon cables are tricky for my fat fingers and near-sightedness.


The videos are a great asset.  Step by step withonly a few minor differences form the model I own.  The laptop is up and working like new.

What's DOS?
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Re: SL400 Loose AC Adapter

I have similar problem as well. I have to wiggle the cable to connector to get it right and it started happenig few days ago. My system I think is still in 1year warranty, but based on the previous experience of sending the same laptop to service when LCD screen went bad few months back I am hesitatin to do so since they may say I did that -- They wanted to charge me $700 for replacing LCD while I did that myself by ordering screen for  $70 with 1 hour of time and things are back. What a rip off.


I am sorry to say this, Lenovo provides crappy service and this is my last lenovo as the quality literally sucks as well as their service, and I used to think Dell was crappy and we have another winner joining the club.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: SL400 Loose AC Adapter

I received the part from Lenovo (only $11.00) and will be attempting it this weekend. 


To srduly. THANK YOU  for posting your results!


I probably should get an anti static mat because it's really dry here in Arizona.


I'm looking forward to having the videos- didn't have them when I repalced the keyboard and side panels over the summer.  Also, I did not line up the screws when I took the whole thing apart - oops!


To mallik:  The wiggling only worked for me for 2 days, then would not charge at all. You may want to get started on a solution right away.


Wish me luck!











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