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What's DOS?
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SL400 WebCam Problem

I have purchased SL400 recently.

That is delivered on 9th of June 2009.


I switched on the laptop & check the webcam quality.

Webcam quality is very poor & unacceptable.


I given call to Lenovo Support.

Support guy is asking me to agree on 130$ payment if no fault found.


I think this is ridiculous. I'm still in 1 year warranty.

Buy a new webcam costs(40$) less then 130$ & it gurrenties the better result.


This is ridiculous policy from Lenovo.

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Re: SL400 WebCam Problem

Did you peel the plastic film from the webcam? it looks terrible until you take it off.
ThinkPad SL400 P8400 4GB RAM
What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎06-21-2009
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Re: SL400 WebCam Problem

Thnaks for replying.

Yeh I already have done that.

Still result of webcam is not satisfactory.


I'm comparing it with HP Pavilion series. This HP DV6500 I bought 1 year ago.

Surprisingly it gives better result than this SL400 thinkpad.


I would not recommend buying integrated webcam with thinkpad.

Lenovo charged me 40$ for integrated webcam. I would recommend buying brand new external logitech webcam.

Logitech gives far more better result then this integrated one as well & it costs around 40$ as well.


Thumb down for Lenovo webcam.


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