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What's DOS?
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SL400 Wireless Problems


I have SL400 and having issues with the wireless turning on.  I have done the following to resolve this:

 - Checked the switch, its in the ON position

 - uninstalled the wireless network adaptor and re-installed it by restarting computer

- re-installed drivers

- disabled then enabled Wireless from BIOS


The Fn + F5 does not work.  I did make sure Fn function is turned on

I can get to the Fn + F5 via the lenovo Care -> Wireless -> Power ON/Off Wireless Radio and this is where I see the problem

Wireless Switch is ON but the Status of the Wireless is OFF.  When I click on the button to turn it on, it does not work.  Nothing happens

- In the Access Connections software I have also tested this.  I turn switch off, tried to search for Wifi, it said the switch is off.  So i know it is not an issue with the switch.  When I turn the switch on and then search no results are found

Its like hard switch is ON but soft switch is not turning on. 

- Any suggestions or i should just re-image?


Thanks in advance...


Blue Screen Again
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Re: SL400 Wireless Problems

I have the same problem
Please answer

Paper Tape
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Re: SL400 Wireless Problems



Having same issue with a T60

Paper Tape
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Re: SL400 Wireless Problems (T60 2623-d6u)

Hmm... tried uninstalling both Blue Tooth and the Wifi/rebooted.  Installed just the wifi and the "switch" was working again.  Reinstalled Bluetooth driver and no issues... writing this one off to glitch?

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