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SL400 broken left hinge!

2010-05-25, 0:16 AM

Does anyone else have this problem? the left hinge broken so it comes up now when the lid is lifted. Called a repair shop but it's estimated to be over 100. Possible to fix by myself?


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Re: SL400 broken left hinge!

2010-06-27, 18:17 PM

I have the same problem, left hinge too! Tried uGlu, did not work, do not recommend trying to use it. The funny thing is that while closing the display you can clearly see the fragile piece of plastic that was used and where it is broken.


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new york

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Re: SL400 broken left hinge!

2010-06-29, 15:20 PM

I do IT work at my company and we only use lenovo or apple laptops. Recently, the two SL500 laptops we have both broke at the left hinge as stated here. This seems to be a common issue that is bound to happen due to poor construction of the casing. I actually was hoping to find a class action suit or something. I called Lenovo this month because the laptop is under warranty, and they quoted almost $1000 to repair the part if they deem it was end user error, which I think is hysterical.


I am curious how everyone is handling this, because its an obvious fabrication/design problem.




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Philadelphia, PA

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Re: SL400 broken left hinge!

2010-11-09, 22:27 PM

My left hinge just broke as well - I'm not under warrany, but I also didn't do anything to cause the break, so what's my best bet for dealing with it? I also seem to have lost the connection with my power cord on the same day - the cord looks fine so I'm guessing it's a loose connection inside the computer - would this be related to the broken hinge?


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Re: SL400 broken left hinge!

2010-11-13, 21:30 PM

the left hinge also got broken on my sl500. reading all posts here it seems to be a bad manufacture for this hinge...

anyways, i order a new set of hinges and replaced both.

hopefully now it will keep me at least one more year.


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Re: SL400 broken left hinge!

2010-11-14, 16:54 PM

Recently my computer had this problem on my left LCD hinge. It seems this is a common problem with this model. I wonder how this part passed the fatigue test. Anyway, to fix this problem, you have to replace it or both hinges as mentioned by boooggy. I found this part 43Y9690 on ebay for $15 in total. You can purchase them and replace it yourself or ask someone to do it for your.


Actually this problem has been mentioned before, you can check this post:




As mentioned there by Maliha, you can check this website for the videos on how to disassembly and replace the part.



Notebooks -> Thinkpad -> SL400/SL500 -> Vidoes -> FRU removals/replacements -> LCD Panel.



Good luck!




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Re: SL400 broken left hinge!

2010-12-11, 6:46 AM



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