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SL410 power meter suddenly drops to 0% even when battery life remains

My battery meter occasionally drops suddenly to indicate that 0% charge is remaining even when in fact substantial battery life remains.  When this happens the dead battery indicator on the keyboard flashes as well, and the charging icon indicates "plugged in, not charging."  A few minutes later things will go back to normal, with th battery meter suddenly showing whatever the true charge is. 


I know the battery is not actually dead when the meter drops to 0% b/c I can unplug the A/C adapter and continue running the laptop for upwards of 30 minutes (which is the longest I've tried).  Also, the fact that the meter will suddenly jump back to indicating a nearly full charge suggests to me that it isn't a battery problem, but rather a problem with the system that detects battery charge.


Any idea whether the problem is with the battery or elsewhere and how to fix it?  I'm still under warranty but would prefer not to have to send my laptop to a service center and be without it while it's being fixed.

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