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SL500 Freezing and Power Light On but no display

Hello there,

I'm trying to revive an old SL500. I have two problems.
I need help. If it works, we won't need the new laptop.
1. Problem: When the Power Button is pressed, the light does not appear on the screen.
Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't happen. Usually he takes Ram out of a plug, or he changes a slot.
Let's say it has improved; After passing this stage;
2. Problem;
Any screen freezes, Locking.
Sometimes it freezes after opening, sometimes when opening, sometimes in the BIOS. Freezing time is changing.
3 min, sometimes 5min.2 days ago 24 hours worked without errors. win 10 Board. There freezing in the POST screen.


The same problem persisted despite what I did;


-CPU,GPU Thermal Putty Refurbishment (Noctua NT-H1)

-HDD Replacement
-RAM Replacement (Memtest86 test was successful, but I changed it)

-Power Adapter Replacement
- Canceling hardware one by one (Keyboard, Palm rest, bluetooth, DVD-Rw)
-I just didn't cancel the wifi card. (The screws were tight)



IMG_0633x.JPGBIOS and Screen Freezing Moment






















IMG_0634x.JPGScreen Freezing Moment























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