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SL500 Not what I bargained for

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I recently purchased an SL500. 


The numerous advertising campaigns toted the SL500 as being a notebook for small businesses able to be used for business and rich multimedia environments. AFter all it is a ThinkPad and not an IdeaPad


I have no problems with the laptop it's self it performs as advertised but the USB Enhanced replicator (which is the only port replicator available) is dreadful when it comes to displaying full screen graphics, including:


(Business Applications)

Full Screen Video

Anything with audio sync

I've seen issues with some flash presentations.


And performance regarding full screen remote desktop connections seems worse.


(Home applications)

As for the home users, games also lag using the port replicator


The USB docking station just doesn't seem to provide the bandwidth to provide home users and small business with the performance they require.


I guess for some people it's not an issue but for me the laptop is a desktop replacement and I specifically wanted a laptop that could be used in conjunction with a docking station.  Had I know of these issues I would of paid a few extra bucks to get a more expensive model.  


One work around is to screw in the video directly into the laptop but then it kinda defeated the purpose of me buying a laptop that could use a docking station if I have to start fiddling with wires and my purchase criteria had been for a laptop with a fully functional docking station.


I think Lenovo should not distribute the Enhanced USB laptops with any laptops that may be used for multimedia.


I contacted Lenovo to see if they could let me pay extra for a model of thinkpad with a better docking station but have not heard back (customer satisfaction dept), I also spoke to tech support who identified that the issue was not a fault but related to the design of the Enhanced USB Port replicator.


I'm really not sure what to do from here, I have a laptop that dosen't;t deliver on what lenovo promised and which doesn't really suit my needs.


I'd be grateful for any suggestions anyone can offer, dose anyone have the email of the correct lenovo dept for australia that I could email this to?




P.S. The advertising for the SL500 quotes is has a thinklight built in can any one confirm if this is incorrect. And dose the laptop BIOS support TPM (I tried bitlocker and it said it was not) I would think this is a must for it since it's branded as a thinkpad and will be used for business applications.

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Re: SL500 Not what I bargained for

SL do not have Thinklight, while USB port replica is not something that Lenovo came up with, it has been around for a while now, i got a Belkin one, what i suggest to you is that don't use the usb ports on the port replica if you are going to do a large presentation on an external screen. The USB 2 bandwidth is only 480 MBS.
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