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SL500 headphones too loud

Hello, as you can see I'm a new user here, cause I just got my SL500. It's a nice laptop and all, but I'm having a little audio related issue. Now that I finally got my volume controls on the left of the laptop to work, I encountered another problem.

When I press the Volume Up button, the On-screen display shows my volume increase. It increases in steps 0-6-9-12-15-...-44-47-50. (Which is actually 0-12-18-30-...-88-94-100, since the on-screen display goes from 0 to 50, and the windows volume control goes from 0 to 100.) This is great when using the speakers, but when I connect my earphones the sound is simply too loud. The problem is that the steps are too big, especially those on low volumes. I can either be on 6(12) and be annoyed by too loud sounds or I could be on 0 with no sounds at all.


So, is there a way to either:

- adjust the global volume so its quieter

- make the incremental step for the volume control buttons smaller?

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