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I noticed that on my new SL510 win Win 7 and Levono Power Manager 3.3, the HD produces a clicking sound every few seconds. As this sound usually reflects the parking of the HDs heads, I looked at the SMART status and it reported a high load cycle count of over 6500 in 50 hours of power on time. This is about 130 load cycles an hour. As the HD is specified for 600.000 load cycles, I am concerned the HD will reach its specified limit after about 6 months of regular use. What can be done?


This sounds like the heads are being parked and then unparked.  Generically, It could be caused by high sensitivity setting in the Active Protection control panel, coupled with minor vibration or system movement.  Open the control panel and try reducing the sensitivity setting on APS.  (older version of APS control panel shown here for illustrative purposes - current versions will vary in appearance)


APS control panel.png


If this doesn't resolve it, it may be worth taking a look at the drive. 


For example, the Western Digital WD3200BEVT  HDD appears to have an aggressive idle timer set to 4s(!) in the HDs bios. That means if there's some service running, accessing the HD every 10 seconds, it will park the heads every 10 seconds. The solution in this case is a utility named WDIdle3Smiley Frustratedtarted from a boot disc it can be used to set the WD's idle timeout to a higher value. I set it to 30 and the load cycles are gone.


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Hi..I have the same clicking sounds in my new e520 HDD model WD7500BPVT-08HXZ1. I check the media with WD diagnostics tools there is no problem with it I tried to lower the sensitivity of the APS but still have same sounds .

The link you advice us with warn  us not to use the utility except for models which not include my model...

Please advice.