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SL510 does not boot (blank screen). Service diagnostics?

My SL510 does not boot anymore. Maybe something was damaged due to a static discharge.

It would be great if the service team could help me with the diagnostics! Smiley Happy



1. How it happened


The WiFi did not work, even though it was enabled in the BIOS.

I read somewhere in the internet, that removing the (CR2032) recovery battery fixes this.

I removed the AC adapter, the battery and the recovery battery, and pressed the power button long enough to discharge.


Then, I re-assembled anything, and the computer did not boot any more.


To remove the recovery battery, I used a screw driver which touched the mainboard.

Maybe a static discharge from the screw driver damaged something?


2. Symptoms


a) With recovery battery, HDD, RAM and DVD drive


The screen stays black.

The HDD goes on and off, the HDD spins up.

The DVD drive tries to read a disc, none is inserted.

The Wifi light stays on.

The computer does not beep.

The computer restarts itself after ~3 seconds.


b) Without recovery battery, with HDD and RAM


Like a), but the computer does not restart itself after ~3 seconds.

Also, the CPU fan turns up after ~30 seconds.


c) Without RAM


The computer beeps a few times.


d) Without HDD


The HDD light stays off, rest as a)/b).


e) Without DVD drive


No DVD read-in can be heard, rest as a)/b).


3. What I measured


All USB ports. Voltage is identical on all USB ports. Resistance between GND and data wires are identical on all USB ports. Conclusion: USB ports are OK.


The PINs where the recovery battery can be attached, without any recovery battery. Result: 1.2 V. Isn't this a bit low?


4. What would you measure next?


Thanks in advance! Smiley Happy

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