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Punch Card
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SL510 sound distortion

I have a SL510 running windows 7 professional, and all of a sudden my sound output is distorted to the point that you can hardly understand what’s being said. I have tried numerous adjustments to no avail. I have tried all types of audio output, web sites, DVD’s and sound recorder, with the same output results. Thinking it may have something to do with my modem, router, or other peripherals I disconnected all external connections, with the same results. When performing the microphone interactive tests the playback is not only distorted but also has a static sound. Now for the real kicker, when I’m invited to join in a skype session, and as soon as I accept the call their sound becomes distorted also. I tried skype’s sound test and I still get distortion.

My SL510 is still under warranty. I have another 151 days to solve this problem.

Would appreciate any help in mastering this problem.


Paper Tape
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Re: SL510 sound distortion


I have 3 x SL510 and they have the same noise in the microphone.
and if I turn on the webcam, the noise becomes even more

it's defective?

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Re: SL510 sound distortion

Try updating the Conexant audio driver.

If that doesn't help, load SmartAudio, and change the microphone settings.

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Punch Card
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Re: SL510 sound distortion

I finally took it in to a authorized Lenovo repair facility and they replaced my mother board and it works great now.

Thanks for all your help.

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