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Paper Tape
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SLxxx Overheating

My just over one-year old (and just out of warranty) SL300 is starting to experience overheating problems.  At idle, the CPU temperature hovers around 54C and the Nvidia 9300M GS GPU runs at 66C.  In 3D OpenGL mode with the GPU operating at full rated clock speed, the GPU temperature will exceed 100C and the computer will automatically shutdown.


From what I've read here and elsewhere, this problem appears to be widely known and neither Lenovo or Nvidia are willing to do much about it, especially for laptops beyond the one year warranty point.

Question:  One post suggested opening up the case, removing the heat sink from the GPU and re-applying the thermal compound with Arctic Silver or a similar high-grade product.  Has anyone here tried that and what were the results?




Blue Screen Again
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Re: SLxxx Overheating

I always reapply Arctic Silver to my systems, including laptops.  Basically if your CPU fan is working and you are still over heating like that, the ONLY thing you can do is to apply the compound.  You could also try using one of those cooling pads under the laptop, and in your case I'd recommend one that has actual fans under it to move the air faster.


Something like this:

Paper Tape
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Re: SLxxx Overheating

Properly applying new thermal compound did the trick.  The old stuff was crusted on pretty good, and the heat exchanger fins were clogged with dust bunnies as well.  I applied Arctic Silver to the CPU, GPU, and chipset (northbridge / southbridge?) after cleaning off the original compound.  The machine is now idling at 38C and the GPU doesn't get about 60C even at full clock rate.


I'm still don't think this is the best design that Lenovo / Nvidia could have come up with, but the fixed worked.  I'll install rrdtool to keep an eye on things over the long run.





lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: SLxxx Overheating

There is nothing that Lenovo can do regarding overheating issues in relation to clogged heatsink/fan, there is no self cleaning features as such, so this is also why regular maintenance is required. 



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Re: SLxxx Overheating

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